Voice Overs

April had always been interested in theatre growing up, and while she might have not landed many parts due to favoritism, she never gave up.  When she discovered voice acting in high school, she decided to try out in various auditions for amateur productions.

Now, April has been a part of professional productions including working with RSA Films, The Colonial Radio Theatre, and voicing commercials.

She also has been involved in various semi-pro productions through small outfits and larger ones such as TWERPDarker ProjectsImagination LaneMisfits Audio, and BrokenSea Audio Productions.

Equipped with a Shure KSM27 professional studio mic, pop filter, and editing equipment, she is available for all sorts of acting roles, including commercials.


Visit my Dropbox for an extensive sample library.Microphone:

Shure KSM27

Computer & Software:

Intel i7, 6GB RAM,
1GB Video Card, Adobe Audition 3

Special Equipment:

Mic Port Pro, Pop Filter

Delivery Options:

Email, FTP, CD Overnight (USA)

Turnaround Time:

8-48 hours (depending on length and time of request)

Download a rate sheet: Voice-Over Rate Sheet
In general I don’t charge for non-commercial projects.

Gtalk and Skype: AibreanStudio

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    Lady From Day*
    Snape’s Diaries (Misfits Audio)
    Nutracker Mania (Misfits Audio)
    Sally’s Daddy vs. The Alligator (Misfits Audio)
    Tom Riddle’s Diary (Misfits Audio)
    Out of Time (Nother Audio)*
    Partly Sunny (Nother Audio)
    Wings of the Past (Nother Audio)*
    Alice in Wonderland Immersive Audiobook (Nother Audio)
    2AM (Nother Audio)*
    The Elevator (Nother Audio)*
    Time Distortion Day Trip (Nother Audio)

    * indicates it was also written by myself 

    Radioplay Voicing

    Tenma in Tale of Tenma (Capitan Productions)
    Alien in Agent 003
    Marchia in Tales From The Museum ep. 2 (Darker Projects)
    Angie/Adrienne in Tales From The Museum ep. 4 (Darker Projects)
    Angie/Adrienne in Tales From The Museum Season 2, ep. 2 (Darker Projects)
    Angie/Adrienne in Tales From The Museum Season 3, ep. 3 (Darker Projects)
    Katrina and Isabel in Harvey Klaxon
    Narrator 2 in The White Carnation
    Ankita in Star Trek: NX-01 S.5 E01
    Ensign Marissa Kelly in Star Trek: NX-01 S.5 E02
    Gannett Brooks in Star Trek: NX-01 S.5 E03
    Teeka and Yo-Yo in IMWAN 4 – What’s Happening (TWERP)
    Resheen D’Conn in Star Trek: Eras (TWERP)
    Lindsey “Lens Cap” Capparelli in Derrick Geist (TWERP)
    Jalen in Star Wars Marvels
    Cybrianna in Advanced D&D
    Chace and Livewire in Superman: The Last Son of Krypton (Pendant Audio)
    Jennifer in The Awakening
    Ariel in The Tempest (Pendant Audio)
    Jenna Zan Arbor in Star Wars: Blue Harvest (Pendant Audio)
    Alice in R5: Rise of the Zodiac
    Helen in The Wager
    Maren in Dr. Who (BrokenSea Audio)
    Emmeline/Charlotte in Dr. Who: Equilibrium (DWAD)
    Breena in Maudelayne (BrokenSea Audio)
    Katya in Kelmah
    Anne Boleyn in The Last Day
    Narrator for Reign of Zoulvisia (Imagination LaneMisfits Audio)
    Lara Bond in Lara Bond: 0012 (Gypsy Audio)
    Prixx Jaka in Star Trek Dimensions (Giant Gnome)
    Sister of Light in Pristinely Ungifted (Misfits Audio)
    Connie and Desk Clerk in Jim Nolan, Private Eye Series (Misfits Audio)
    Glenda in Blue Sky Series (Mad Geek Productions)
    Artemis in Wrath of the Titans Episode 3 (Colonial Radio Theatre)
    Miss Cuttenclip, B. Pudding, and Bun 1 in Emerald City of Oz (Colonial Radio Theatre)
    Ellen in The Adventures of Robin Hood (Colonial Radio Theatre)
    Various Voices in The Baba Yaga Saga

    Animation Voicing

    Maddy and Lynne in Vanity High
    Jenny in Frost Machinima (Snoken Productions)
    Stella and Kathy in Detective Dedlie in the Missing Coffee
    Cassandra in M.A.D.
    Kellona in Kurenai WoW Machinima (Sandbox Films)
    Olivia in Ghosts of Onyx Machinima (Sandbox Films)
    Commander Shepard in SPECTRE STATUS (Mass Effect Machinima) (YouTube Series)
    Allison in B.O.N.E. Machinima (Episode Four)

    Video Game Voicing

    Donna in Kwaiyin Blades
    Renee White, Ikona, and Nicola Cartel in Traffic Department (remake)
    M and Kandi Plesur in Bond: Death Comes to Us All
    Pilot in Wing Commander Saga
    President Wyncham in Starcraft Custom Campaign: State of War
    Lisa Treasure in Empire (Warcraft III Campaign)
    Queen Alessia in Knights of the Nine: Revelation (Oblivion Mod)

    Television Voicing

    VA on TV for OurOhio (ThinkTV PBS)
    VA on TV for the Festival of Spain (ThinkTV PBS)
    Voice Over for Rotofugi (RSA Films)

    Movie Voicing

    Isis in The Corruptor (Hyena Studios)

    SFX Library Voicing

    SFX Library (Monster, Creature, Human)