YA Fantasy (In all seriousness it could probably be a children’s book.)


In 1862, a man called Charles Lutwidge Dodgson told children the story of a girl called Alice while on a boat ride.

Alice had, in fact, truly followed a white rabbit down a rabbit hole. She also had, in fact, experienced quite a transition in size from two products, one labeled DrinkME, and the other called EatME. While Charles might have called it Alice’s Adventures Under Ground, he was careful to disguise the truth. The land of Under existed and the products of DrinkME and EatME were to allow the humans to live in their own utopian world below and the flightless faeries to enjoy the world above from time to time. Only occasionally do two-leggers find their way to the Underland.

Believing the experience was only a dream was the most viable excuse for arrival, otherwise a person would be deemed most incredibly mad.


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She did, with a disappointed sigh, wish she could spend some time with the boy and discover what the land of Over was like.  She knew even if it was taught in school, they would leave out some juicy bits of mysterosity such as the dangerous rabbit-snatchers and squeaky wingeddy things.  She, in her mischievous wonderings, had stumbled upon of one of her father’s books he kept inside of his desk, usually locked of course.  No Under father would ever expose the delicate minds of his young offspring to the things of Over.

It was one thing to suppose what Over would be like, another to read the maddities of one who could only be considered quite enormously crazy like Giant Rufferstitch. While encouraging those that his books were truthful, one could never be sure.  Giant Rufferstitch lived on the outskirts of the city and the security force of meadering mice had to keep him in check, for Giant Rufferstitch was also the mayor.

You couldn’t let a mayor wander in the Wood after ingesting Curiosity Crackers, one of his most favorite snacks. Who knows what trouble he could get into.  Not only that, but if he forgot his EatME pastries then he wouldn’t be big enough to defend himself.  Of course, Giant Rufferstitch didn’t really need too much EatME since he was a rather large flightless faerie anyway.

From the Author

This story was birthed from a dream (I’m good at that), which happened after reading Alice in Wonderland in bed and falling asleep.  I actually kept a bit of the original writing style of Alice in Wonderland, because it added to the whimsical nature of the story overall. It was a NaNo novel (2011). The finished novel is approximately 54,400 words.

I am currently seeking representation for this and other novels.