Moments in Time



YA Fantasy (heavy Christian themes)


Given missions from God and allowed to live most of their lives in an immortal time-bubble, the citizens of Atlantis have all wandered outside their realm to enjoy a brief moment in history. Outside of the bubble, they aren’t subjected to steady aging, but are vulnerable to death. Their supernatural abilities easily labeled them as gods, although they only serve the One.

This is the story of Astar and her moments in time, intertwined through a dangerous path – weeding out those who seek their own gain rather than following through the tasks they have been given.


What I was indulging in presently was a glass of wine.  I was sipping it very slowly, enjoying the savory hints of oak that came from the barrels.  Modern winemaking only did this process with the more expensive wines and steel just didn’t compare to the grand taste of French oak.

“Enjoying yourself?”  Nico asked, looking over me.  I must have looked as though I was in absolute bliss.  I was, but I did not realize I was expressing it so much.  “Your micro-expressions are to die for.”

“Oh,”  I managed to get out in between sips.  Atlanteans can easily read people.  We need to really, sometimes when we can’t hear we can tell what a person is feeling or saying by their expressions, even if they are not too apparent.

“Oh? That is all you are going to say?”  he chuckled, taking a few bites from the meat of the peacock.

“It is good and I am enjoying myself, thank you very much,”  I told him, wrapping my hands around the goblet protectively.

“I will let you get back to your merry drinking, then,”  Nico said to me and started to engage in conversation with a fellow seated next to him.  It was one of the friends of the king, the Duke of Suffolk, who was also married to his sister, and who had finally paid off of the £24,000 that Henry required in order to allow their marriage to continue.  He was also Lord President of the Council at that time, a position created by His Majesty and one that would be passed down to future Suffolk Dukes.

As Nico was seated to my right, I thought to look to my left for someone to talk to.  The person there was also engaged in conversation and I was left to myself.  Left, until I was approached by a man, who I didn’t recognize because my face was in my drink.  He gave me his hand and offered to dance with me.

“Sir, His Majesty has not started with the dancing yet.  It would be completely inappropriate to start before he allows it,”  I told him.

“You have not been paying much attention, then,”  the man said to me and I looked up, nearly spewing my wine all over the man’s clothes.  I looked up to meet the face of the king.  “Anne is still enjoying her meal and I did not wish to interrupt her.  You, on the other hand, seem to be enjoying your drink perhaps too much.  It would do some good to remove the ill humors caused by alcohol with some dancing, do you not think?”

From the Author
This story was started for NaNo 2011. I am considering making this into a series as there are plenty of times to write about. The concept started earlier that year, as I remembered a tiny part of a dream, where a girl accepts a rose from a boy she recognizes, and is very drawn to.

I am seeking representation for this and other novels.