Lady From Day

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Lady From Day


YA Fantasy (mild Christian themes)


Finding a cure for an ill princess is harder that it seems.

Traveling through the lands of Aelisonia, Lia and her band of adventurers hear a tale of an unusual illness that has caused the land of Feyris to go into famine and Queen Daylat to disappear in her attempts to find a cure.

On Lia’s journey through the world of Orinda to complete the quest to save the princess, she runs into the dashing Prince of Feyris and the hands of the vicious and ill-tempered gorlag creatures.

Will Lia be able to find the cure for the princess before all hope is lost?


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From the Author

This story was started when I was thirteen after a dream I had about mushrooms and a sick princess. I wrote down as much as I could remember and actually crafted an epic poem out of the concept of the story for a class project. I would work on it for a bit, let life take me away, and then revisit it. It took just over ten years to complete.


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Review by JustMyMusic

The chapters are shorter than I like, ranging from 5min to 15min. This is a story that my children and I can listen to together. My son enjoys it (though he probably would not admit it) almost as much as my daughter.