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Not exactly sure what this is

I found it in my doc files from 2004. The road seemed to go on for miles and miles. It was a small dusty road heading towards town, cleaned only by the occasional tumbleweed blowing past. In the past, it … Continue reading

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Commercial Radio Ad: Ohio Renaissance Festival

:60 Ad. This hasn’t been produced yet, but if the peoples at the Ohio Renaissance Festival are interested in using it, we can work out something I’m sure. Stealing is bad, bad bad, so don’t do that. I will find … Continue reading

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My mind, where novels are born…

And you wonder where I come up with all these “novel” ideas. My dreams are just plain weird sometimes. My dream last night was trippy. I was driving through a haunted neighborhood in an Indian reservation in South Dakota (the … Continue reading

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The Firedancer

I came up with the general idea of my new novel for this year. It happened upon my mind during the New Years Eve service at church as I was watching the firelight flickering in their holders above the pews. … Continue reading

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Underland: What sort of nonsense is this anyway?

“Hello Hortie,”  Lizzie said, remembering to use Hortensia’s preferred nickname of choice.  “Your books are amazing.” “I didn’t know you read…or liked to read, rather,” Hortensia said, stumbling over trying to not accidentally insult the girl’s intelligence.  What she had meant to say was … Continue reading

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Lady From Day

When I originally finished Lady From Day, I had absolutely no intention of publishing it directly myself.  A year later I started on my first NaNo novel, which (as it was easier) was built on the world of Orinda (the … Continue reading

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