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Holo Excerpt – Brilliance Test

There are a lot of hot topics socially. I’m tired of commenting on threads online, only to get hammered by my viewpoints. I find that in writing, I have a lot of freedom I wouldn’t otherwise be entitled to (freedom … Continue reading

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Holo – Excerpt from page 6

I’m writing Holo for my Camp NaNo. Here’s an excerpt from page six. As Morgan approached the door, she opened it hesitantly, wishing her parents had put in some sort of monitoring device so she could see who was on … Continue reading

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Excerpt from Lunamae: Chapter 14

As I was strewn haphazardly in bed, one leg over the side, and my head propped up with a pillow, I heard a knock on the door. I pulled myself up from the bed and went over to it. It … Continue reading

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Excerpt from Lunamae: Chapter 13

We began with the trot. Since it is the gait which can be easily done over long distances, it was the most important to learn. Lunamae had issues with balance as the horse’s body dropped and would tousle her a … Continue reading

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Revisiting an old NaNo

Unfinished, I decided to take a look at The Great Marriage of Lunamae for a brief amount of time. I decided to re-read it so I could reacquaint myself with the characters because I fully intend on finishing it shortly. I don’t … Continue reading

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Underland: What sort of nonsense is this anyway?

“Hello Hortie,”  Lizzie said, remembering to use Hortensia’s preferred nickname of choice.  “Your books are amazing.” “I didn’t know you read…or liked to read, rather,” Hortensia said, stumbling over trying to not accidentally insult the girl’s intelligence.  What she had meant to say was … Continue reading

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