Holo Book 2 Excerpt – Emotions

“Morgan, I died inside every time you had to leave to enter the stasis chamber. Do you know how horrible it is to be left to wonder what was happening to you? To think about what possible kinds of pains you had to be exposed to?” Blake said as his eyes began to tear up. He caught himself before saying anything further. He didn’t need to cry. He didn’t even need to speak. She knew exactly how horrible it was from the emotions he was projecting unintentionally. She knew he had completely forgotten about their hands, which were still touching. What he was feeling and what she was experiencing through him was raw.

Morgan choked back tears of her own while struggling to respond. Instead of talking, she just nodded. He smiled and looked down at her, and instead of thinking or doing anything with any logical semblance, she just lifted herself onto her tiptoes and delicately embraced his lips with hers.

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