Holo Book 2 Excerpt – Clint

They saw a man hobbled in a corner. He looked homeless by sight. He was wearing old and tattered clothes and Morgan could almost smell him from her position. She wrinkled her nose in disgust, but she still approached him. She knew there was a chance he would know where the Wastoria was, especially if he had been wandering through to find a warm bed and food for a long time.

Even though it was a digital environment and for all intents and purposes the man wasn’t real, Morgan wondered what could have happened to him to make him homeless and why the programmers saw fit to place them in an otherwise perfect environment. Maybe he was an egg — a secret key to unlocking something more. That made the most sense.

Morgan bent down on one knee in front of the man and looked at him closely. He appeared to be sleeping, so she took out a hand and gave him a light push to see whether he was still “alive”. The man shuddered and looked at her.

“Ahh. I was wondering when you might show up,” the man said with a smile. “They haven’t used this program in a while.”

“They?” Morgan asked with a raised eyebrow. “You know you’re in a program.”

“I need to be freed,” the man told her. “They stuck me in here and left me to rot.”

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