Holo Book 2 Excerpt – Fantasy Adventure

“What if she’s injured?” Morgan asked, breaking the silence.

“Don’t worry, I’m not!” Aubrey called out from behind them.

They all swiveled quickly, unsure of how she got there so quietly or fast. “Stealth is a nice skill.”

“So your skill has been realized,” Blake noted. “Nice.”

“It certainly has its perks. I noticed some creatures along the way that looked rather dangerous. I decided I should keep my distance and leave them alone. They looked as though they could easily maul us given how they were treating the poor fish,” Aubrey told them, adding, “They were fishing bare-handed and just gouging them with each grasp. It was a big and bloody mess to watch. I will say that I didn’t see any rapids so journeying down the river shouldn’t be a challenge, or dangerous. We should be fine if we all go as one.”

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