Q/A Holo

Best music to listen to while writing: EDM (Nero specifically)

Kind of creepy…these lyrics. I actually looked them up while listening to the album and after writing page 108.

For the first time in history
Our planet is threatened by humans and our behavior
To such an extent that the climate
The habitat, and evolution itself may change forever

We’re faced with choices
Choices that will affect all of our lives
The lives of our offspring and those to come.

Here’s another…

I seriously think they are from HoloWorld.

Names of the main characters: Morgan, Philip, Blake, Aubrey, and Slade

Planet name: Shrodin

Economic system: Everyone works for the government. They are given credits loaded up on their ID card they received when they graduated from school. The higher status level you were, the more credits you were granted when you turned sixteen.

Chapters Written: 8

How I came up with this concept: A dream in February.

What inspires me:

Sci-fi City Downtown by ~JadrienC on deviantART

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