Holo Excerpt – Geni, Can You Love?

“Geni?” Morgan asked as the bot prepped her plate for presentation. “Can you love?”

“It is a concept within my programming parameters. I do have some acceptable feelings available for usage if I so require,” the bot answered her, and sat the plate down in front of her on the metal table.

“Have you ever tried to use them? What do they feel like to you?” Morgan wondered as she began to eat. She wondered suddenly why she hadn’t ever asked this question before.

“It is hard to quantify into an acceptable definition which humans would understand. I assume it would be comparable to how one feels within the HoloWorld environment,” Geni answered as it hovered next to her. It moved away slowly to give her more space.
Morgan twirled the fork around a noodle. Geni had outdone itself. The dish was pasta and vegetables with a light cream sauce and seasoned to perfection.

“Your face indicates pleasure. Was my construction successful?” Geni asked her.

“Yes it was,” Morgan told it. It was nice to talk to something, anything, that could respond to her without judgment and she could speak freely without fear of rejection. Morgan had a slew of self-esteem issues, and most would bore a person. The issues she had were important. Plenty could relate across the Level. Solitude made one think and perhaps think too much.

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