Holo Excerpt – Brilliance Test

There are a lot of hot topics socially. I’m tired of commenting on threads online, only to get hammered by my viewpoints. I find that in writing, I have a lot of freedom I wouldn’t otherwise be entitled to (freedom of speech isn’t really free). I let it influence my writing. With The Cycle you can see a direct correlation to corrupt government and it’s very symbolic of today politicians are more placed by the party and they sell themselves out to the media to increase viewer awareness.

Here’s what I wrote in Holo today. It parallels what happens even today, sad as it is.

“I made it,” Morgan stated as she got off of the barstool and stood in front of the Geni. “I’m not an idiot. I’m your daughter after all and I’m sure you’d have disposed of me if I was.”

“But…,” Mrs. Langley was, for once, unable to provide any sort of response.

Morgan was right. She was quite intelligent. As a child, she had overheard her parents conversing on the intricacies of the system and code and she’d absorbed the information like a sponge. Programming was another language for her and she knew how to speak it fluently. Adding a sub-routine to the bot was child’s play. It had been in place for at least a decade. All the while, her parents had been clueless.

Morgan was also right that she would have been disposed of. While Level Three would have gotten away with having less-than-developed children as long as they were capable of doing work, and Level Two only disposing of children they didn’t want and those which The Pristine hadn’t given permission to exist, Level One was pre-planned and almost pre-engineered. Parents had to have had an encounter in HoloWorld only minutes before attempting conception so the resulting embryo would be perfect, without disease. Through the rest of the pregnancy, the female would remain in reality so as not to damage the fetus. When born, if it passed other tests, the baby would be closely monitored for developmental flaws. If the baby failed the brilliance test, it was recycled.

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