Holo – Explaining the cover

What’s happening to me? I wonder this after realizing I’m alternating between fantasy and science fiction. I used to only like science fiction in movies. Now I’m starting to like more and more of it in books.

So today, I’m going to give you a little backstory on the cover of Holo (the page has been updated with this content). After writing this out, I realized it perfectly explained the three rings on the cover. My brain finally connected the dots.

The three circles are conceptual and relate symbolically to the three levels of living on the planet.

Each level had its own school, stores, and benefits. Each level allowed for a longer stay in HoloWorld. In addition, each tier accounted for a different level on the planet. Level Three was underneath the earth. It was also where HoloWorld was housed. It protected the inhabitants against natural disasters both from within the planet’s atmosphere and spatial attack.

Level One was where Morgan and her rich friends, Blake, Aubrey, and Slade lived. They lived in the canopy, with stellar views of the cities and below. The middle-class were in Level Two. They didn’t mind their location, squished between the earth and sky. It wasn’t as though they couldn’t intermingle, but each level had an obvious tell. Some in the upper levels wouldn’t communicate with those below and vice-versa. The world was not perfect, but it worked.

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