Holo – Excerpt from page 6

I’m writing Holo for my Camp NaNo. Here’s an excerpt from page six.

As Morgan approached the door, she opened it hesitantly, wishing her parents had put in some sort of monitoring device so she could see who was on the other side. She made a mental note to have her Geni contact them through the cyberspace. She needed approval to have anything in the house edited.

There, staring back at her was the face of Blake. He was broad and tall, with blazing blue eyes and wind-scattered black hair. Her stomach always did a nervous flip whenever she saw him. But they were just friends. She was too scared to approach the topic of anything more. She wouldn’t be able to handle the rejection and awkwardness that could litter their future path ahead.

“Hey.” he said softly and deep. His silky smooth voice cut through the air like a butter knife and she melted under it. He held up his hand, flashing his HoloPass. “Got it.”

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