Revisiting an old NaNo

Unfinished, I decided to take a look at The Great Marriage of Lunamae for a brief amount of time. I decided to re-read it so I could reacquaint myself with the characters because I fully intend on finishing it shortly. I don’t like leaving projects unfinished, especially when they have potential.

I think, coming out of NaNo, I charge up through the whole month and by the time I’m done I am exhausted. That’s why it’s been sitting since 2009.  I’ve touched it again here and there, but not to do any major writing. Now that I’m revisiting it, I’ve rediscovered the story and fell in love with it again.

The apothecary had been more than happy to aid in both our learning, but there was only so much we could learn within the boundaries of the moat.  I was finally to the point where venturing past the Humble Bridge also crossed my mind, but I was terrified still of bringing a four-year old across who had been longing for her mother.  We walked toward the apothecary shop and since it didn’t have a door (since we were all family if someone stole it would be very easy to find the culprit), we just walked in.  Talfrin was there to greet us.  He was sorting bottles and measuring herbs to add to empty ones.

“Good day to you Miurenn.”  he said jovially.  He looked down at the angel-faced Lunamae and asked how she was doing on this day.  The child beamed.

“It’s gonna be my berfday and I get to see mommy!”  Lunamae exclaimed.  Being the daughter of the clan leader, she was looked on with sympathy most of the time.  The others in the village understood she didn’t have as much time with her birth mother like the rest of the youngsters.

“We’ll be there to celebrate it.”  Talfrin said.  He and his wife Nia, may she rest with the Creator in peace forever, were also a part of our clan.  I think I remember Father saying he was a third uncle to me.  He was probably nearing his fiftieth season with us as his grays and wrinkles were showing and his hair was balding, but the lines on his face were of happiness and joy rather than sorrow and pain.  The apothecary excused himself to wash up.  He came back a few minutes later with a few baskets and handed one to Lunamae.  She took it proudly.  “Are you both ready to learn about plants and their properties?”

“Yes Mistah Tawfurn.”  Lunamae said shyly, her arms behind her back.  I nodded.

“I think you are both able to cross the bridge today.”  he said.  “There are only so many plants available in the keep’s garden, and most of those are only used for cooking.  We will have to venture out a little farther today.”

“Are you sure she’ll be fine?”  I asked.

“She’ll be fine if she recited something.  Has she learned anything new?”  The herbalist asked me.  I thought for a moment and realized we could go over the alphabet.  I nodded and Talfrin urged us forward.

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