Commercial Radio Ad: Ohio Renaissance Festival

:60 Ad. This hasn’t been produced yet, but if the peoples at the Ohio Renaissance Festival are interested in using it, we can work out something I’m sure. Stealing is bad, bad bad, so don’t do that. I will find you and hunt you down with a pitchfork.

Ohio Renaissance Festival Commercial – April Sadowski Voicing

INT: House.
SFX: Whistling – generic tune, pausing when Heather speaks.

Heather: Corset, check. Skirt, check. Tiara, check.

Mary (muffled from a nearby room): (giggles) Heather, it sounds like you’re dressing for a wedding.

Heather (ignoring): Dagger, check. Fairy wings, check.

SFX: Whistling – changes to a Celtic Jig

SFX: Footsteps entering the room (from Mary).

Mary: What are you doing?

SFX: Whistling stops

Heather: I’m prepping my costume.

Mary: For what?!

Heather: A 30-acre adventure in a 16th century re-created village, where I can enjoy 400 years of fun in a single day.

Mary: That’s in…Ohio?

Heather: Sure is: the Ohio Renaissance Festival in Harveysburg.

Mary: It’s only today?

Heather: No silly, there is no way I’d be able to watch all the shows, the jousting, eat the food, and check out the 135 or so arts and craft shops. It’s every Saturday and Sunday, and Labor Day, from September 1st through October 21st. I’m getting early because the castle gates open at 10:30am and they are only open until 6pm.

Mary: It sounds like fun. Can I come along?

Heather: Sure! Labor Day weekend is two for the price of one. I saw it on their website,

Mary: Have a spare costume?

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