Lady From Day

When I originally finished Lady From Day, I had absolutely no intention of publishing it directly myself.  A year later I started on my first NaNo novel, which (as it was easier) was built on the world of Orinda (the second “tale”).  I had considered self-publishing Lady From Day at that point, as The Great Marriage of Lunamae was not as long and would be more easily picked up for the YA market.

Then The Cycle came along, and I was completely in love with it and knew I must try and get an agent for it (still working on that, by the way).  After The Cycle, I knew Lady From Day should be my first attempt at a self-publish.

Now, the year after being finished with writing The Cycle, I decided to publish Lady From Day for Kindle. It’s now available in the Kindle store. I have a hope that those who read it will listen to it and vice-versa.  It’s a good story, and a cute story, but one that is rather long. It’s wholesome too, which is becoming a short supply with the rampage of teen vampire flick novels, heavily steeped in sexual attraction (and action).

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